For competitors


The race will take place on former cross-country ski trails that are 5-6 meters wide. It’s a broken/rugged and challenging track with the surface of a strengthened forest ways, where the grassy track changes for places with gravel, compacted earth and soft needles. Several times the trails of the race cross the asphalt roads. After the start it’s necessary to go a few meters on the asphalt but it’s always possible to choose the soft surface by the margins/rim. On the trails, several long protracted but even steep hills are awaiting the competitors, that are alternating with slightly steep and short downhills. The trail is challenging, but at the same time safe and also attractive for the spectators. The competitors will in 1km again come near the stands , where they will be in the sight of the spectators and will go around the stadium.


The competitors will be allowed to park near the start, cca 150m. Two areas will be prepared, one with the aspahlt surface and the second one with the gravel surface. There is grass on the outskirts. It’s necessary to have stake-outs on cars. ATTENTION it will be very difficult to hammer the stake-out down!


Each competitor needs to arrange the accomodation for themselves. The closest hotel is Hotel SKI ( , which is directly in the area of the Vysočina Aréna. Another suitable accomodation with dogs is Hotel Horník located just 7km from the racing trails ( Here you will also find training tracks for your dogs, approx4 - 6 km in length.

Washroom Facilities:

Showers and toilets will be provided by portable facilities.

Dog walking area:

There will be special zones where you can walk your dogs. There will be two zones, on each side of the parking lot. Free running dogs are not allowed, if caught you will be disqualified!


Boarding is available in the nearby hotel SKI. There will also be food stands around the area of the raceground. A communal dinner will be prepared for Saturday night.

Training on the trails:

The trails of the European Championship will be open on Thursday afternoon (1 p.m. – 4 p.m.) and on Friday morning ( 8 a.m. – 12 a.m.). If anybody would be interested in training in the race area the week before the European Chapionship, there are wonderful trails for dog teams available by Hotel Hornik in the village of Tři Studně just 8km away from the location of the European Championship. Welcome atmosphere, acommodation and food at Hotel Hornik and training trails near by. Unorganised training with dogs in the area of Vysočina Aréna is forbidden !


the main track is 5100m long

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For spectators

We would like to welcome everybody to watch the remarkable experience of the European Championship in Canicross, bikejöring and scooter, that takes place in the Czech Republic once again after a break of 8 years. The championship is located in the area of the Vysočina Aréna in Nové Městě na Moravě. A big festival of individual mushing visits the Czech Republic again after 8 years and all admirers of this sport will for sure not be dissappointed! You will be able to watch sport duels in the most prestigious categories around the tracks, from the stands and on the large screen TVs. You can also move along the trails in the selected areas. In the area there will be of course a variety of refreshments and dog supplies. Parking will be available only on the selected parking lots near by the stadium. The addmission is FREE.

The Vysočina Aréna

The premises of Vysocina Arena offer 5 loops in the length of 1.1-2.25km suitable for roller skies or roller skates trainings during the summer time. The loops are recommmended only to technically proficient skiers/skaters with regards to the challenging vertical profile and fast downhill runs. The Nové Město trails for mountain bikes connect to the tradition of MTB races in Nové Městě na Moravě.

The single tracks in the Cyklo Aréna Vysočina are developed in a way that even women and children enjoy biking there as well as professional bikers. The trails are designed so that even for beginners they will eaily manage the single laps and start to enjoy biking in terrain. You don’t need to worry about bringing your children to the trails in the Ochoz forrest.

All more technical and challenging sections (except the black loop) have safe detours so that you and your children won’t have to ever get off the bike. None of the hills on the trails are so steep that a male or female biker wouldn’t be able to ascend it. To ride a bike in the Cyklo Aréna Vysočina you really don’t need any special biking skills. It’s just enough that you can ride a bike!

Cyklo Aréna Vysočina offers over 30km of trails at the present time.

The road loops extend the biking activities into the Nove Město’s Cyklo Aréna Vysočina. They offer sport self-realization to a new target group of bikers and aim especially to those, who want to learn more about the Vysocina region on tubeless bicyckle tires or to those, who like to switch between the road and the mountain bike.

MTB loops are planned in a way that they bring you to the most beautiful places in the region of Nove Město. Not only will you have a good work out, but you will also get to know the attractive locations of Žďárské vrchy.

All loops have starting and finish points at the Vysočina Aréna in Novém Městě na Moravě. Here is for bikers also prepared full service, e.g. bike service, test center (offered are road bikes Superior and Ghost), a sale of bike accessories, refreshments or a bike wash after the ride. A sure thing is a background with sufficient parking capacity directly in the center.

You can download the individual tracks into your bike navigations.

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The programme of the European Championship

19:00 opening stake-out
11:00 press conference
13:00-16:00 opening of the trail for prospecting
15:00 fall General Assembly
FRIDAY 14.10.
8:00-12:00 opening of the trail for prospecting
9:00-12:00 veterinary control and control of the competitors (medical examination and indication of dogs, control of identity) division of states will be published on the site.
13:00-16:00 handing out of the bib-numbers by the Team Leader
13:00-16:30 veterinary control and control of the competitors (medical examination and indication of dogs, control of identity) division of states will be published on the site.
14:00 meeting of the Technical Committee
16:00 meeting of the Team Leaders
18:00 opening ceremony
18:30 public screening of the film
6:30-7:30 veterinary control and control of the competitors (only for competitors arrived during the night)
8:00 first start bikejöring
10:00 first start scooter
11:00 first start canicross – short distance
16:00 meeting of the Technical Committee
17:00 meeting of the Team Leaders
18:00 festive meals (buffet for competitors)
SUNDAY 16.10.
8:00 first start bikejöring
10:00 first start scooter
11:00 first start canicross
14:30 meeting of the Technical Committee
15:00 relay women
15:30 relay men
16:00 meeting of the Technical Committee
17:00 final ceremony and closure of the European Champoinship 2016 in Nové Město na Moravě
Timetable for ordered meals (hotel SKI):
6:30-8:30 breakfast
11:30-13:30 lunch
18:00-20:00 dinner

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How to get here?

The main direction from Germany and from Prague

Regensburg/Amberg/Weiden - A6/E50 D5 (Plzeň) - D5 (Praha) - D1 (direction Brno) exit 119 V. Beranov - 353 (Žďár n. S.) - 19 (Nové Město na Moravě).

Dresden - A17/E55 D8 (Ustí n/L) - D8 (Praha) - D1 (direction Brno) exit 119 V. Beranov - 353 (Žďár n. S.) - 19 (Nové Město na Moravě).

The main direction from Austria and from Brno

Wien - A5/E461 52 (Mikulov) - R52 (Brno) - D1 (direction Praha) exit 162 Velká Bíteš - 37 (direction Žďár n. S.) Žďár n. S. - 19 (Nové Město na Moravě).

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The Organising Club

The club TJ Sokol Maxičky was established in 1998. That year we organised the first Canicross race with a mass start, as a way of training for the European Championships in Belgium. We have organised races annually ever since.

At the present time, we are one of the biggest organisers (in amount of participants) in individual mushing, summer and winter events, in the Czech Republic.

Our organizational approach peaked in 2008, when the European Championship took place in Decin. A year after that, the club TJ Sokol Maxičky started to organise a series of the Hill Cup races, which we continue to do. Our club is the only member from the Czech Republic, of the European Canicross Federation, it is also a member of the Association of Mushing sports. We have the largest membership base, where our members are regularly seen within the top positions of both local, and international events.

Michal Ženíšek /Director of the European Championship/

Michal has been dedicated to individial mushing since 1997. Since 2006 he has been regularly attending European Championship ECF, European Championship and World Championship IFSS both dryland and on snow. Ha has already taken part 8 times in the Canicross lap race Tropheé des Montagnes in the French Alps, which he won in 2014. Twice he participated in the winter lap race Pirena in Spain. He owns 6 European sled dogs. Michal considers among his biggest accomplishments the 1. place at TDM 2014, the 2. place at Pirena 2012, the 3. place at the relay at World Championship Bernau on-snow 2015, several bronze medals from Canicross relays at EC and the victory at the lap race Border Rush 2015. He conquered 3 titles of the Czech Republic’s Championship in skijöring (2006, 2013, 2015). In the last five years he has regularly organized races in summer events and also winter skijoring and mushing races in the Czech Republic Championships.

Kamila Šrolerová /the main organiser/

Kamila has been a member of the club Sokol Maxičky since 2012, and in 2014 she was elected to the role of Chairman of the club.

To lead the club is a big responsibility for her, sha has responsibility for 80 members that are very successful in this sport even abroad. Kamila is a lawyer and a lecturer at the Faculty of Law.

She owns three dogs with her partner – a Hungarian pointer, a European sled dog and an Alaskan husky. She likes to run long distance and more challenging races. She has been doing sports since childhood, at the age of eight she settled in athletics.

Kamila started to race dogs in 2013. The following year she achieved 4th place at the Mountain Challenge in Jeseniky mountains on a 37km long trail in the Canicross category. At the lap race Tropheé des Montagnes in France, she finished in the top ten of the Womens category. At the Mountain Challenge - 24 hours – she won in the team of mixed pairs and mastered the race Beskydská Sedmička in Beskydy mountains - 97 km in 20 hours and 19 minutes.

For her, holding the European Champonship means a big personal challenge and she is charged with adrenalin. She is already looking forward to how we will together „run through“ the finish line, and she hopes that it will be successful.


Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy the full event with us!


Kamila Šrolerová

Head of the club TJ Sokol Maxičky

+420 603 570 790

Michal Ženíšek

Director of the European Championship

+420 736 537 631

Michaela Srchová

Communication with competitors

+420 603 736 932


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